Future of Uptown Dallas and Turtle Creek

Reviews & Prices for SKYE of Turtle Creek Apartments, Dallas, TX

1) With more than $5 billion in property values (almost the same as downtown!), how is uptown competing to attract and retain tenants and investment?

2) Uptown now boasts over 19,000 residents and a daytime population of 30,000, what projects are creating this live, work enviroment?

3) Uptown has over 10,000 apartments, 2,200 condominium units, and 1,700 more apartment units under construction. What is the demand and supply for affordable, market rate, and condo? and which is the best investment?

4) Parking, the bike share proram, and walkability are major issues in both Downtown and Uptown. How are developers and the City working to solve these transporation issues?

5) With 65% of uptown’s current residents under 35 years old, how are investors and developers capitalizing on this? and how can you?

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